[Discount] Beautiful rooms in natural art house near Gangnam

by yeoyoo posted Jul 30, 2018


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Location Seoul
etc location Yangjae Station - 3 bus stops away from Gangnam Station

KakaoTalk_20180730_155440755.jpg : [Discount] Beautiful rooms in natural art house near Gangnam


KakaoTalk_20180730_155440618.jpg : [Discount] Beautiful rooms in natural art house near Gangnam

KakaoTalk_20180730_155440447.jpg : [Discount] Beautiful rooms in natural art house near Gangnam

KakaoTalk_20180730_155440273.jpg : [Discount] Beautiful rooms in natural art house near Gangnam

All furnished beautiful rooms for rent in an 3 bed room house.
You will get your own room and will share the house with friendly people. 
I'm looking for female roommates.

The best place to enjoy art and nature in Gangnam area. It's only a minute walk away from Yangjea Stream. Usually bad pollution in Gangnam area. But you can enjoy nice nature and beautiful cafeterias. I think it's the best place to live near nature in Gangnam area. Actually I manage art and culture organization. So if you are interested in Korean art and culture, I can guide you. You can rest/use in beautiful terraces and large livingroom. You can share kitchen and bathroom.

Just 3 stops away by bus to Gangnam Station. Near to bus stop. Near to subway stations Yang-jae line#3 & Yangjae Citizen's Forest line#Shinbundang. AT Center for agricultural convention & exhibition, Gangnam Station for night life, Citizen's Forest for Phytoncide, Yangjae-stream for Bicycling, Shinbundang subway to 'Pangyo science park' and 'The K Hotel' are very near to My house. My house is good place to stay who work in R&D industry related with Samsung, LG, Hyundai motor companies and Pankyo science park.

The apartment offers: 
gas range 
Electric range
Free Internet-Access
laundry machine
Coffee machine
able to use all kitchen appliances/utensils. 
The bathroom, large living room, beatiful terraces and kitchen area are shared.

Large Share ROOM for two people (Two Beds) : Monthly Rent is 400,000 won per person -> 350,000 won (Discount) 
Regular Private ROOM for one person : Monthly Rent is 500,000 won -> 450,000 won (Discount)
Maintenance : Monthly 20,000 won + 1/n (Water, Electrictity and Gas)
Deposit : Prepay 2 monthes [Refundable]

Email details about yourself if you're interested. i.e. gender, age, job, personality, 
smoking, nationality, how long you will stay, the date you want to move in, etc. 
Non-smokers only. If you want to enjoy art and nature in Gangnam, please contact to me.

Kakaotalk ID : yeoyuo
Mobile : 010-7578-8080


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