** SHARE HOUSE in Suwon near to SKKU (Sungkyunkwan university)

by Mihye posted Feb 06, 2018


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IMG_8582.JPG : ** SHARE HOUSE in Suwon. (near to Seongkyunkwan university)

I am Maggie in chare of manager at Suwon share house.
We've just opened our lovely house~^^

  (korean name is, "NONADURI" ---> NO → "you" / NA → "me" / DURI → "us")
If you find house near Suwon area, this place is the best for you!

☆ Location ☆
 - subbway line 1. SKKU (Seongkyunkawn university) station - walking 5 min.
   (it is far just 3 stations from Suwon station)   
 - SKKU (Seonkyungwan university) - walking 5 min.

 - It is very convenience for you to use public traffic. (You can go to Seoul by bus, subway within 1 hour)

☆ Merit ☆
 - Safety (you can live in the apartment which it is big area)
 - Comportable (we set the room, living room, kitchen like cafe style~)
 - Community (you can make Korean friend easily living together)


☆ Cost ☆

 - deposit : two months rent

 - monthly rent : 290,000 ~ 400,000 Won

 - utility cost : basically 50,000 Won / every month


☆ Benefit ☆

 - If you come here with your friend, you guys can get discount 20,000 Won for every month

 - If you contract during 1 year, you can get discount 20,000 Won for every month

 - We almost set consumable in order to enjoy Koran life as quickly as possible! ^^

Anyway, please refer to our blog. (
if you are interested in being our house mate, Please don't hesitate to ask me freely!

kakao ID : 너나드리 쉐어하우스 (please copy and paste on KAKAO)
Blog :
Insta ID : suwon_sharehouse
Facebook : mihye park


Thank you!

We really really hope you come here and become our family~~~!!



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