two room, 1 month deposit, hongdae house rent

by kim32 posted Jul 22, 2017


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Extra Form
Location Seoul
etc location line2/6 hapjung in hongdae,sinchon,yonse

25.jpg : two room, 1 month deposit, hongdae house rent

I write Free ebook about "how to rent house in korea."
you can download in homepage.
if you have any question, contact me.
then i will tell you and upgrade the ebook.

house is available at 31th.July.
if you want to move soon, you can see now available other house in homepage.

Only 1month key deposit (in korea, house deposit minium 10milwon. but my house is 1monthly fee deposit.)
All equippment(in korea, house is empty. you have to buy life things. but my house has all.)
2 bedroom rent house, 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen.
No realter fee(with reator you have to pay. but you don't need to pay it in my house.)
High speed wifi in house
Line2/6 hapjung(합정) subway station
5min walk to famouse hongdae area(홍대).
10min to han river. (hangang 한강)


if you can want to see  house or any question, fill this form

you can see more photo and infomation about this house.


2 room house (some furnicher was changed)
-big room : 2 folding single beds (bunk bed in photo will be removed. and 2 folding single beds will be keep)
-small room :  1 bunk bed (loft bed) in small room
-1 kitchen
-1 bathroom
-2 floor high
-big window with sunshine (in front of small playground with children)
-floor gas heating system, new heater, hot water
-usally 1~3person stay before.
-all thing are here so you simply need to bring nothing.

All equipment
-built-in drum washer include dryer
-built-in refrigerator
-aircon & fan
-built-in electronic stove, toaster
-floor gas heater, hot water
-password door-lock
-high speed / wireless internet lan with multy port hub (WI-FI), you can use your iphone, ipad, notebook with wifi

It is in hapjung line2 / line6
You can go around seoul with line2.
Also, many bus line exist in hapjung.

This is a very nice location to univ. in sinchon, younsei univ. ehwa women's univ. sogang univ. hongik univ.
2 subway stop to sinchon station line2
10min to sinchon( yonsei univ. sogang univ.) by small town bus(#7)

Hongdae area
5min to hongik picaso street on foot from house.
it is   famous young culture center in korea.
free market, street fetival, street singer and many art display on the wall.
hongik, hongdae area, You can see Korean young culture.
also,   there are movie theater, big library, swimming pool
1min to coffee shop and beautiful cafes

Stay near kpop star. there are kpop companys.
you can see stars on hongik street.

Han river (hang gang)
10min to han riverside park (hanggang river)
many people enjoy runniging, cycling, etc sports.


you don't need to pay realter fee.
it is free form realter fee.

you can see more photo and infomation about this house.

house price

if you can want to see  house or any question, fill this form



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