Living with Korean and others from other countries! Chance to get Discount!

by 보더리스하우스 posted Nov 16, 2016


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Location Seoul
etc location Myungji,Sogang univ,Jongno,Hapjeong,Itawon



Hello, this is Borderless House which is managing International share houses in Seoul.
Since we have this house that can lead you to Yeonsinnae area easily (also several places in Seoul), 
We would like to share this information with you all who try to fine some houses in Seoul.

You can check our house via the link below. (House Introducing Video)

Since this house is located near Yeokchon station, Line no.6,
You could make the great access to many universities near line no.6 like Sogang or somewhere.

Our Company also provides several free program for only our tenants.
House Exchange Program - 
Since we have our international share houses in Japan( more than 70) and Taiwan (more than 17),
you can just go there and stay for free when you have some vacation.

*Nearest Station
- Yeokchon Station, Line6 (6mins walk)

- Gusan station, Line 6 (6 mins walk)

Qaud Room : 350,000WON

Utility : 50,000WON
*Gas, water, electricity, and internet (WiFi) fee included in utility. 
*Management fee and Deposit are additional. (No Key Money) 
*At least 1month stay required!

Thus if you are interested in these room, please let us know.
We are looking forward to meeting you!
Thank you.


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