*Discount* Looking for Female housemates near Apgujeong(line3,7)

by 보더리스하우스 posted Oct 09, 2015


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Extra Form
Location Seoul
etc location Gangnam,Nonhyun,apgujeong

We are looking for female housemates who can appreciate a cultural diversity!
We will offer a special discount on the rent !!!
This must be a great opportunity to find this good room with such a cheap rent!!!
If you are interested, contact us as soon as possible ♥ 

Hakdong Station (Line No. 7) 
Apgujeong Station (Line No.3)

Private Room
680,000 won > 620,000 won 
640,000 won > 600,000 won 

Double Room 
540,000won > 490,000won 
500,000won > 450,000won

Utility : 50,000won


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