shure room :)

by hongsy posted Jun 07, 2015


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Extra Form

hello. i'm hongsy.

I'm looking for room mate.

I wanna find one girl who lives with us

the room has a bed, a chiar and desk, a showeroom.

stay with a roommate 

our home's location is perfect. near subway and bus stop.

u can get easily hong dea, shin chon and hap jung.

subway line number 6, so u can go iteawon one time, no transfer.

we study english, so we can do language exchange :)

there are two korean girls :)

(korean also okay, get closer ㅋㅋ)

we give a meal, one time a day.(korean food)

talk with me 010 6365 3224. send message.  I will send u pic. 

ask any thing for free :)


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