Looking for a room to rent for 4-6 weeks

by Kris posted Jul 25, 2014


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Location Seoul
etc location Seoul, Deagu or Busan
Re: Learn English for FREE!
Re: Looking for a room to rent!

My name is Kris and I am from Australia. I work as a language swapper and a trainer. I am professionally an Education Technologist.  I have unique and very interesting methods of teaching English. I would like to teach you English for free while I am in Korea in November 2014. In return you need to arrange a free accommodation for me.

Preferred locations: Seoul or around Seoul, Deagu or Busan
Food: Included/Excluded
Length of stay: 6-8 weeks

Or alternatively if you have any room available you would like to rent for about 4-6 weeks, I am open to that as well. The cost of room should not exceed $400 a month. 

For details: 
My Kakao talk ID:  krisnirvana
t: 0061-401735840

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