Han river kayaking

by kayaker posted Apr 20, 2017


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Songkang Canoe School has a variety of services and equipment that enables visitors to experience the joys of kayaking worry-free. Kayak lessons, rentals, tours and equipment storage services are available. Make new friends and enjoy the beauty of the Han River with a visit to the Gangnam Canoe Club.

Kayaking at the Songkang Canoe School is taught with a methodical system that aims at giving more people a safe and enjoyable kayaking experience, regardless of level. The club staff loves nature and has a passion for paddle sports. Using a dynamic teaching approach, staff members see teaching paddle sports as their mission in life, not just a job. With a pleasant, supportive staff that is always in pursuit of new experiences, participants are sure to create their own adventures.

Opening Date / Hours
March through November / 09:00-18:00

Maximum Occupancy
Up to 40 people

Main Facilities
Club house, changing room, shower booth, restroom

Supplemental Expenses
Touring Kayak, Rapid Current Kayak and other necessary equipment

Parking Facilities / Fee
Songkang Canoe School Parking lot (20 cars free), park’s public parking lot (40 cars, 12,000 won per day)

Kayak Rental Fee

* 1hour : 20,000won per person

* 2hours : 30,000won person

* 3hours : 40,000won per person

* membership : 300,000won per 6 month / 500,000won per 1 year 

* Reservation required through phone or email at least three days in advance

* 010-4947-1267 / chris_roh@hotmail.com



  Songkang Canoe School(former Gangnam Canoe Club)

  Club house No.8, Windsurfing area, Ttukseom Resort, Jayang-dong 704, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul


How to Get There : Public Transportation within the Area

  Subway Line 7, Get off the Ttukseom Resort Station and go out of  Exit 2
    → Walk upstream for about 15 minutes
    → Club No.8 Songkang Canoe School(former Gangnam Canoe Club)

  Take Subway Line 2, Get off the Konkuk University or Guui stations, and take a taxi.