Recruiting a volunteer for Byeokrando international culture festival!

by schwa posted Aug 23, 2019


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Hello! This is Su company.


We will hold Byeokrando international culture festival in Oct and recruit volunteers for the festival. 


Byukrando international culture festival will be held with Gangamchan festival in Nakseongdae park. Byukrando was international trade port in the Korea dynasty. We will hold a global market, traditional culture booth, and performance because we want to inherit the Byukrando.


If you want to participate in, then you should:


- be able to communicate with others in Korean.

- participate in the first meeting in 26th, in Sillim-dong, Gwanak-gu, Seoul


Now we are recruiting for the next teams:


Planning Team: planning festival in general

Global Market Team: maintain and support the global market

Traditional Culture Booth: maintain and support the traditional culture booth

Promotion Team: produce public promotion contents

Design Team: produce design content.

Flashmob Team: maintain and support flashmob performance.

Management Support Team: manage and support the overall festival.


You will be given if you take part in:

- goods related to the festival, and a T-shirt.

- meal for the festival

- certification from Gwanak-gu office.


If you want to participate in, click the link below and submit the form!


Thank you.




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