[ Volunteers Needed] CCAP: Cross-Cultural Awareness Programme (~8/23, Fri)

by CCAP posted Aug 20, 2019


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CCAP: Cross-Cultural Awareness Programme

Volunteer Recruitment Guide for Fall-Winter 2019


CCAP is organized by Korean National Federation of UNESCO Clubs and Associations(KNFUCA) with support from the Ministry of Education since 1998. It is a program to enhance the level of intercultural understanding among youth in Korea. 1 CEV and 1 KIV pair up to visit elementary to high school to introduce CEV’s motherland culture. Apply NOW to be a volunteer for Fall-Winter 2019. Please refer to the website(ccap.or.kr) for more details. [ *CEV: Cultural Exchange Volunteers **KIV: Korean Interpretation Volunteers ]


1.Areas of Recruitment

a) CEV(Cultural Exchange Volunteers): Non-Koreans who plan to stay in Korea for at least 6 months from now

b) KIV(Korean Interpretation Volunteers): Koreans who can interpret English or any other 2nd language to Korean


2.We are looking for a person who can...

a) participate in orientation and interview

b) manage schedule for volunteer work

c) communicate and cooperate with others

d) prepare for the class carefully

e) understand and consider students

f) handle the job professionally



a) DeadlineSubmit online application by THIS FRIDAY (August 23rd) Noon 12:00

b) Orientation: MUST attend either 8/26(MON) 5pm or  8/29(THURS) 5pm 

RSVP via text message(010-8810-8681). Send your FULL NAME & the date of Orientation

c) Interview 

CEV: ①Before OT, email “Lesson Plan”(form provided) ②Demonstrate one of class activities(2~3min)

KIV: ①Brief interview in English(case study) ②Test for Eng-Kor Translation

d) Announcement: Result to be announced on 8/30(Fri) 5pm


4.How to Apply

: Go to the website(ccap.or.kr) >> Click on “Join” >> Apply(either CEV or KIV)


5.Do's and Don'ts

- If you don’t attend the orientation, you cannot participate this program. There will be an interview on the same day.

- To attend the orientation, you must RSVP by sending <Full Name & Possible date-A or B> via text(010-8810-8681).

- To do CCAP, you must be available to participate at least 3~4times a month. Class dates are affected by school schedule.


6.Contact Information

Yunji KIM / Coordinator of CCAP – KNFUCA (010-8810-8681, ccap506@naver.com, ccap.or.kr)




poster1_eng.jpg : [ Volunteers Needed] CCAP: Cross-Cultural Awareness Programme (~8/23, Fri)


CCAP 봉사자 모집 공지내용_2019하반기(Eng).jpg : [ Volunteers Needed] CCAP: Cross-Cultural Awareness Programme (~8/23, Fri)


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