Native speakers of American English are needed for a research experiment

by Hanabanana posted Jan 23, 2019


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Hanyang Institute for Phonetics and Cognitive Sciences of Language (HIPCS) is looking for American English speakers to participate in our paid linguistics research. You will be asked to listen to some speech sounds and click items on a computer screen.

1) Must be a native American English speaker in his/her 20's or early 30's
2) Must be born and raised in the U.S. other than the Southern States (e.g., Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia, and Georgia)
3) Both parents should be native American English speakers

Note that the requirements above are for the sole purpose of controlling the factors of this linguistic study.

* Time required: Less than 25 mins (including breaks)
* Reward: 20,000 KRW
* Location: Room 104 (on the ground floor) in the Humanities building
at Hanyang University

PLEASE email us ( with your name, gender, contact number (cell phone or kakaotalk ID) and available date and time (from 10am to 6pm)


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