English-language talk in Seoul with Korea's most famous Zen Master on 2018.06.15

by 윤윤윤 posted Jun 02, 2018


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A Casual Conversation with a Zen Master
on Life, Love, Success, Happiness and Meaning

A Dharma Talk with Ven. Pomnyun Sunim and Jason Lim (interpreter)

2018.06.15. 7:00 pm

Jogye-sa Temple, Seoul


Venerable Pomnyun Sunim is one of the most recognized and influential religious leaders in South Korea with an active following. He is well known for his interactive Dharma Q&A's that are easy to understand, free from difficult jargons, applicable to everyday life and yet deeply rooted in Buddhist teachings.


He recently appeared in SBS TV show “All the Butlers (or Master in the House, 집사부일체 in Korean)” and shared his wisdom with Lee Seung-gi, Lee Sang-yoon, Yang Se-hyung and Yook Sung-jae (http://allvod.sbs.co.kr/allvod/vodEndPage.do?mdaId=22000274337). It became another hit after his appearances in Healing Camp in 2012, 2013, and 2015.


He is also the founder and chair of an international relief agency (Join Together Society), a center for peace, human rights and refugees (Good Friends), a think-tank (The Peace Foundation), and an environmental movement organization (EcoBuddha).


[Event Details]

*Date and Time: 2018. 06. 15. (Friday) 7:00-9:00 pm

*Venue: Traditional Culture and Performing Arts Hall, Korean Buddhist History and Culture Memorial Building (Jogye-sa Temple) 한국불교역사문화기념관 전통문화예술공연장 (조계사)
-- Naver map: http://naver.me/GJbhoFol

-- Google map: https://goo.gl/maps/x2aY9StupXK2

-- Use Anguk station (Line 3) Exit 6 : Jongno Police Station


*This event is for free.

*RSVP at http://bit.ly/2H3Sej1

*This event is for English speakers who are more comfortable speaking English than Korean.  (한국어가 더 편하신 분은 법륜스님 한국어 행복강연에 참가해주시면 감사하겠습니다. www.jungto.org)

*For questions related to the event, contact international@jungto.org

*For more information about Ven. Pomnyun Sunim and his words of wisdom,

  • visit his homepage: www.pomnyun.com

  • search “pomnyun” on Facebook and YouTube


한글 홍보문구

[주위에 널리 알려주셔요]

법륜스님의 즉문즉설 - 영어통역 강연 in Seoul

2018년 6월 15일 (금) 저녁 7시-9시

장소: 조계사 한국불교역사문화기념관 전통문화예술공연장

참가대상: 한국어보다 영어가 더 편하신 분

문의: international@jungto.org

사전신청링크: http://bit.ly/2H3Sej1


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