Hi guys! I am looking for a IELTS tutor who live in Busan.

by JimmyAnn posted Mar 19, 2018


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I am looking for a IELTS tutor who has careers as a tutor or professional teacher and I need to check any kinds of certificate of your career.

My goal is 5.0 (Academic) and I am good at speaking part but the others not. I used to live in New York for a year as an art student. So, don't worry about uncommunicative.

Now, I am live in Busan. Also, I have a office in Nam-po which is near Busan station. You can come to see me all the time exept weekends. 

If you wonder how many paid you can earn from teaching or need a freind then just email me.


E / celloszt@gmail.com 


P.s - I prefer a British teacher from London because my school is there but if you're really good as a tutor then it dozen matter. 


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