What is Refugee? : Application for Refugee

by HeroPark posted Aug 08, 2017


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 Hello, my name is Hero Park, the Head of Global Department, the Joint Office of International Administrative Agents.


 This time, we are going to talk about application for refugee in Korea.


 Who can we say a refugee? it means a foreigner persecuted by their native country. Persecuted? Persecution? It is cruel and unfair treatment of a person or group especially because of their religious or political beliefs or their race. Therefore, they can not go back to their native country and must apply for refugee in another nation.


 We have worked a lot in this area, but we are often sad by their story. An example is that they can not go back to their native country, due to fear of their life. if they enter their native country, but hard to live in there, it is better for them to apply for refugee in another nation. In this case, if they are now in Korea, we can help them apply for refugee. They would get G-1 VISA Status by applying for refugee, which is not only for refugee, but also for foreigners with lawsuit, delay in payment of wages, industrial accident, humanitarian reason, etc.


 After they apply for refugee, they can receive F-2 VISA Status and benefits of living, housing, medical expenses, and so on, if they succeed to get recognition for refugee. F-2 VISA is a kind of Residence VISA for foreigners who want to be given the Right of Permanent Residence In Korea.


 However, they need to be careful to ask for people who do not have Administrative Agent Lisence, which is to violate the law, Administrative Agent Act.


 In addition, we can consult you in Korean, English, or Chinese to provide convenience for you. Please, contact us and we will do our best.



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