The Korean History Trip for Global Students! Enjoy this trip~!

by dayoung posted Nov 08, 2016


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If you are interested in Korean History and culture.

Enjoy the Korean History Trip!

It is made for global students in Korea!


It is about learning the Korean Independent Movement.

We will visit Historical places like the Seodaemun History Hall, Do San Park, and Namsan . 

It's an opportunity to communicate with Korean students and other global students.

An easy & precise explanation will be provided.

Docent program will be guided by professional history expert.

After party is available. (feel free to join)

The due date of application is November 10th . 

If you have any question about this, message on Kakao talk (ID : showingdaaa).

You can apply it by online application ( )

The participation fee is only 10,000 won.
If you apply with your friends, you can get a fee discount .  (But you have to tell it to the staff. (with kakao message))


Don' hesitate to apply this tirp. Welcome Every Global Student!

The host organization is ICY  ( International Centerfor Youth ).


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