HMS 1 & 2 Scrap / Rail Scrap / Aluminum Scrap / Copper Scraps / Pet Bottle Scrap For Sale

by scrap4cash posted Jul 23, 2015


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We have as stated below In Stock For Supply:

HMS 1&2 Heavy Melting Steel scrap cleaned =$200/MT

Used Rail Scrap (R50-R65) $350/MT

LDPE Film Scrap, 100%  Clean and Clear , 98/2,  98/1 and 95/5 ........$350 usd Per mt CIF.

Compressor Scrap.....$400 usd Per mt CIF.

Eps Block Scrap.......$400 usd Per mt CIF.

Motherboard computer scrap .....$370 usd Per mt CIF.

Aluminum Scrap.....Price: $900 usd Per mt CIF.

Copper scraps 99.99%.....Price: $3500 usd Per mt CIF.

Ldpe film scrap white  ...........$350 per m/t   CIF

Hdpe film scrap ...........$350 per m/t   CIF

EPS Densified blocks Natural White Colors...$350 per m/t   CIF

Pet bottle scrap ...........$350 per m/t   CIF

Contact Us today via:  scrap4cashukltd(AT)gmail(DOT)com

Available Stock: 700 Metric Tones.

Minimum Order: 25 Metric Tones.

Payment Terms; Bank transfer (T/T).

Origin: United Kingdom

Delivery Period: 21 days.

Kindly inform us the quantity you need for your trial order .

Contact Us today via:

Awaiting your response.
Mr Navin Madhu.


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