If you want to make korean friends come here!

by ShowMustGo posted May 15, 2015


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If you want to make korean friends  come here!

hi i'm korean

24 years old

now i'm student majored financial study

i'm live in seoul

i just want to make other country friend!

because i have good memory when i was live in seattle at  an 18 year

but it's not easy to make foreigner firiend :)

so now i write this page

i just want to talk everything i intersted in

and hear about hwat you intersted in

and eat famous korean food  , secret delicious food that just only know some of korean!

and go to good place that niceview , hangang , namsan , hongdae where is  can sing anywhere and here! and so on

my e mail : chack_it@naver.com

kakaotalk id : showmustgo92


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