Let's enjoy and learn at the Edu-entertainment festival of Icheon!

by 유미 posted May 12, 2015


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Hop on a journey to the spring flower scented Icheon Ceramic Festival!


Enjoyable events with clay, fire combined with culture and education

Fun and educational festival of the month!


Let's enjoy and learn at the Edu-entertainment festival of Icheon!


The 29th Icheon Ceramic Festival was held in April 24th for 24 days. With the theme, 'Ceramic, painted with color', the best ceramic festival in Korea is going on at Sulbong Park area located in Icheon.


15 representative potters from 10 foreign ceramic cities is opening the biggest Inter-local workshop. Inter-local workshop is an foreign exchanging program by artists from Korean and abroad.


Also, various special programs such as a 2 day Ceramic experiencing camp, creative ceramic education, there are more enjoyable events more than ever.


Let's go ahead and check the 29th Icheon Ceramic Festival where all kinds of tourists, from families to relevant businessmen, can all enjoy.



Fun and Learn


This year, the festival is focused on holding a place for creative culture education through ceramic education. Differentiated educational programs are provided by ceramic masters and experts.



Native celadon master of Icheon, Haeju UHM Ki-Hwan's <Ceramic Pilgramage> is a story-telling experiencing program. The whole process of stepping on muds and baking kilns comes alive with his story-telling. Also, you can't miss the legends of Icheon city. (Runs twice a day from the first day of the festival till May 17th)


Everywhere you look at will be filled with ceramics and calligraphies. Calligraphy performance by using a giant brush on a huge rice paper, plate calligraphy and more events awaits.



Into the youth culture

What about going for energetic performances. B-boys and graffiti artists share vibrant festival for locals and tourists. Also, dance competitions, essay contest, and singing contests are provided for teenagers.

Korean national commission for UNESCO and Korean committee for UNICEF run an experiencing program booth to form a warm sharing culture with tourists. (Closed on Monday and Tuesday)



Hands on experience


Ceramic making competition, hand painting, character doll making, and stepping mud. Feeling the moist mud with your hands and feet helps your body and mind to relax. How about releasing your stress at the broad nature? (Programs run from the first day of the festival till May 17th, experiencing fee is additional)



 Buying brand ceramics with affordable price


133 ceramic studios participate in the largest ceramic market in Icheon. It is a good chance to buy diverse ceramics made by ceramic artisans.


'Ceramic Road Product Booth' where arts from China, Japan, and France are exhibited, 'Jan, Jan, Jan' where you can buy a variety of characterful glasses such as coffee cups, Makgeolli bowls, Soju glasses and wine glasses. Artistic and practical ceramics are prepared for purchasing as well.



Flower blooming Ceramic city, Icheon

Icheon has it's own strong identification, 'the center of ceramic culture', and became the first UNESCO creative city in Korea. As it is now definitely the center of pottery, let's look at some places to visit in Icheon while enjoying the festival.


Sulbong lake, located in Sulbong park, has 80m water jet fountain where a beautiful rainbow appears. Next to the lake, there are many sculptures exhibited. Also, Sulbongsan-sung, Icheon Museum, Youngwolam are the most famous tourist attractions.


To experience Korea's unique traditional culture and agriculture, 'Jachaebanga Village' is highly recommended. Jachaebanga Village is where King Sejong's older brother stayed for 16 years. The village cultivated rice for the King and the farmer's song, 'Jachaebanga', is carried over till now.



Icheon is also famous for it's 'King's value' Icheon rice. 'Icheon Rice Meal' is one of Icheon's best delicacy that surprises you with the variety of side dishes and the taste.


Further and detailed information can be checked on the Icheon Ceramic Festival website(www.ceramic.or.kr) as well as the official facebook page and blog.


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