Let's make great experiences and memories in Korea with us!

by Joinourparty1 posted May 06, 2015


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Hi guys! I'm going to make some Youtube video about Korean cultures and every fun things in Korea which is not in guide books! 
So now im looking for some international friends who are going to travel all around hidden fun places in Korea with us and 
filming video which will be on Youtube.
if you are living in Korea now and you are outgoing and like meeting new friends and hanging out with friends,
you will be perfect with us!
So if you are interested in our project(?) email us at Joinourpartyy@gmail.com
 and text me! we are especially looking for English, Chinese, and Indonesian speaker!
we actually have not started making videos, but we already have Intro video on Youtube.
you can check out intro video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSxJ49rUAHQ
 Bye~ :) i hope we can be a great friend!