Who do you wanna make unfogettable memories in korea????

by BEERMAN posted Mar 17, 2015


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Hello world!!! This is Ontheway from Korea.

I made this group for people who love to visit Korea and make international friends. I strongly gives you suggestion that visit Korea and hang out with us!! You don’t need to pay lots of money for tour guide and get tired of tour program in tour company anymore lol I guarantee that there’s no get stressed and bored in my Special Tour. I will find newest festivals, lots of fun thing to do in every season. such as, extreme sports and bicycle tour with New Friends!!! i will take you everywhere in Korea whatever you want to.

i will provide the best tour program for you.

All you need is adventurism.



E mail : hsuk1361@gmail.com

Cell phone : +82 10 6436 3902

Messenger : Kakao talk( 1.go to apps store on your cell phone and downloads ‘kakaotalk’ messenger.

2. Find me. my id is hsuk13



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