Guesthouse Party with Rock Band Galaxy Express in Busan!!

by bardo posted Feb 16, 2015


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Rock Band Galaxy Express hits Busan in March 21 - 22. 

First reserving 30 people can buy Buruda Ticket and  participate the program like chasing with Galaxy Express.

After watching the acoustic concert of Galaxy Express, they can have party with Galaxy Express in guesthouse.

Their ticket includes the guesthouse voucher, so they can sleep in guesthouse.

After Buruda Ticket is sold out, Ganda Ticket will be sold in Burudaconcert homepage.

Have a good time with Galaxy Express in Busan!!!

Schedule ㅣ 2015.3.21-22 @ Busanlove guesthouse / interplay

Reservation ㅣ Burudaconcert Homepage (


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