Language exchange, business partner.

by fromk14 posted Oct 09, 2014


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I'm a Thai living in Korea with my family. Looking for some Korean friend who can improve my Korean Language, 

I can teach you Thai as well like  exchange language. I always went to youngsangu coffee cafe for reading and writing. 

And also now I'm looking for Korean partner who can corporate and making small business in Korea. If you are already in some (small/medium) business is good. I'm interesting to make business about e-commerce, export, import, electronics, clothes, cosmetics some thing like this.  If you are interesting we can be corporate and start up business together. (budget is N/A just start up it and we will try to control and growth it up step by step)

I prefer to corporate will female because I'm married.

Please contact me to my email as well as:

Have a nice day.