We are looking for Creative Connectors! :D

by momo posted Sep 22, 2014


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0001-18066089.png : We are looking for Creative Connectors! :D

Playplanet wants to become a playground for travelers that people can try something fun and create impact on traveling. We are the group of Asian young people who believe travel can change the world better. Now, we are on a journey to make the world our playground and look for a crew who will make things happen together.

Creative Connectors is 3 months program (October to December, 2014). You’ll be working closely with creative and passionate individuals, social enterprises, local villagers in Asia. You would travel and stay in local communities sometimes, design sustainable development projects with us and do online media campaign taking photos, posting and sharing SNS.


We are looking for the person is:
◾ Passion for all things PlayPlanet. Experience hosting on the platform is a huge plus.
◾ Enjoy adventure and excited with a fast changing environment
◾ A passion for storytelling through multiple media, both visual and written
◾ Extremely motivated and get things done on time
◾ Independent and entrepreneurial
◾ Believe  that our journey can change the world better


Do you think it is you?
1. Tell us who you are and how you want to improve PlayPlanet
Please fill out the form, http://bit.ly/1tkRNWv

2. Send us your resume and CV
Show us your creativity and passion!
Please, email us to hello@letsplayplanet.com by Tuesday, Sep 30.
Email with the title like, [CC 2014 Autumn]_(NAME)


• Deadline: 30.Sep.2014
• Interview: 1.Oct.2014
• Orientation: 6.Oct.2014 (Essential)