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by serldeok posted Aug 21, 2014


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 Do you feel like your living on an island where you can’t communicate with anyone else?

Then come and enroll on a free Korean class!

It’s the best time to make a lot of new friends and practice your Korean/English with them!

We aren't just a study group but we also have lots of other fun activities to make your time in 

Korea very exciting. 

Culcom does everything from rafting, hiking, skiing, party and camping too! What are you 

waiting for?

Join us today!

1. One to One class course

It is focused on conversation. If you already know Korean grammar or want to practice 

Korean e-pressions or Sentence patterns and many more, we recommend this class. This 

class can start whenever you want (but if you start, class hold out at least 2months). You can 

use yours or our textbooks. This is what we recommend for upper-intermediate level.

If you want to join our Korean Class, you may come and have an interview with us for you to join!

2. Deposit
 Every student must pay 50,000 won as a deposit. The deposit is to help you stay motivated. You will get the deposit after the class is finished. 
 But, if you don't attend the class more then 3 times, you don't get the deposit.

3. Joining English study group in culcom.
 The class is totally free and the Korean class is for one hour and twenty minutes.
 After the class before the class, you have to join Culcom English study group to help them at least 30 minutes.
 Manager at Jongro branch (me or other managers will arrange you.)
 It's good chance to get along with Korean friends.

4. Events & Parties. 
 Culcom holds many parties and events such as rafting, skiing, mud festival, wine&music party and so on.
 When we have parties or events, I will invite you.
 So please accept my friend request in Facebook.

6. Contact informations.
 If you have any question about Korean Class or if you have hard time in Korea, you can call me. 
010-3888-8074 Jae Huh

6. How to join us??