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2018.07.12 16:29

Looking for a friend to spend time together!

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I speak little English. Its on the conversational level, but I have to notch it up to the native level. 

I have less than two months to practice, and I wanna have someone who can talk with and spend time with me. 


I live nearby sinchon & hongdae; its like 15~20 minutes away. 

I am also sort of lonely, and so.. if someone is like that wanna hangout together; like FWB kind of thing would be ideal. 


Im a male, more of short side. 


Looking forward to hear from you.



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    Kelle 2019.04.24 21:39
    Hello Dear
    How are you doing,i am Elizabeth From United States i come across your profile today please contact me through my email
    KelleyElizabeth1@hotmail.com , please kindly write me back for better communication, i have something important i want to discuss with you,

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    Date2014.10.17 CategoryOther languages to Korean By폭스야기다려 Reply1
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    Contact me, if you are really interested in learning Korean in Seoul !

    HI, good to write my profile here :)    My real name is Eugnshin Kim. I am learning English literature since this year in Uni, though I am not good at literature.....   I am looking for someone who really wants to learn Korean seriously in S...
    Date2018.07.25 CategoryKorean to Other languages ByKimshin Reply1
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    대한예수교장로회 Presbyterian Church

    Hello, I’ve been looking all over for people’s opinions from all sides. You may be aware that Churches serve religious, business, administrative, and governmental guidance even, more so in the past than present.  People should be interested ...
    Date2018.07.22 CategoryOther languages to Korean ByMikey Reply0
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    Hola, Chicos de Español Hablante

    Hola, Mucho gusto. Me llamo Victor en español. Tengo 28 años y vivo en Corea. Estaba en México dos veces el 2013 y 2016(totalmente sería un año y medio) estudiando y trabajando. Su localización fue San Luis Potosi y Reynosa. Ahora en mi empr...
    Date2018.07.19 CategoryKorean to Other languages ByVictoryVictor Reply1
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    Looking for friends ~!! :)

    Native - korean Ex language- English I'd like to practice and learn Speaking English! If u are in Seoul we can enjoy our EX time face to face. Let's be a friend!!! Text me:) 카카오 - ducky84lol
    Date2018.07.16 CategoryLanguage Q&A BySuzykim Reply0
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    Looking for a friend to spend time together!

    Hi,    I speak little English. Its on the conversational level, but I have to notch it up to the native level.  I have less than two months to practice, and I wanna have someone who can talk with and spend time with me.    I live nearby sinc...
    Date2018.07.12 CategoryKorean to Other languages ByJin12 Reply1
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    let’s be friend!

    hi i’m 22years old. i live in korea i want to make friend I’m not good at english. but i wish to experience. i’m planning to working holiday for australia at september. i can teach you korean and you teach me english i don’t know if grammar ...
    Date2018.07.11 CategoryLanguage Q&A Byaeri97 Reply1
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    Hi there, I'm Daniel Yang. I'm looking for Foreign Friend who want to learn KR.

      Hi there,   I'm Daniel Yang. (22 / M)    I'm studying at one of UNIVs at seoul, my major is English Interpretation and Translation.    But as many Korean do, my English skills are not so good except I have exam.    SO, I wanna improve my e...
    Date2018.07.11 CategoryKorean to Other languages ByDanielYang Reply3
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    I'm looking for Korean friends to exchange indonesian or english. let's be friend^^

    hi! i'm aini from indonesia. i want to have some korean friends and learn about korean languange and culture. i can teach you about indonesia.  i can teach you english as much as i can. nice to meet you ^^
    Date2018.07.07 CategoryLanguage Q&A Byai Reply0
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    I'm looking for friends who want to improve speaking Korean, and I want to improve English

    Hi, I'm Ethan. As title, I'm looking for friends to improve my English, also I can help to improve your Korean speaking skills Currently, I'm living at Donghae-si where is near Gangneung in Gangwon-do. If you are interested in my suggestion,...
    Date2018.07.03 CategoryKorean to Other languages ByEthan Reply0
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     Bonjour tout le monde! J'habite a Seoul et j'apprends le francais pour etudier la mechanique en france. Je cherche le francais pour l'echange francais et coreen Je voulais vous rencontrer et parler avec vous en francais et en coreen meme si...
    Date2018.06.24 CategoryKorean to Other languages By훈이 Reply1
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    Suchen die Freunde, die deutsch sprechen können und in Busan sein.

    Hallo, Ich bin ein Koreaner. Seit letzte Woche habe ich in Berlin gewohnt. Jetzt suche ich die Freunde, die deutsch sprechen können und in Busan sein. Deutsche Freund/-in oder Koreaner/-in, die deutsch lernt, für mich egal. Ich möchte nur de...
    Date2018.06.24 CategoryLanguage Q&A Byintelika Reply1
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    I really want to learn English Looking for living near by Gangnam

    Hello My name is Shin-Young I live in Gangnam, seoul in korea I worked I would like to learn English and to make freind who want to learn korean If you are interested in exchanging language, please send me a Kakao Contact me Kakao ID : S h i...
    Date2018.06.23 CategoryKorean to Other languages ByShinyoungKim Reply1
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    Let's be a friend (SEOUL near Kangnam or Hongdae) / english

    Hi~ I am Kevin. I am Korean I want to make foriegn friends and practice my english skills~ Let's be a friend and hang out together! I am really bad at face. I might not remember you even if I met you before. Snapchat : sungkwoncho  
    Date2018.06.17 CategoryKorean to Other languages Bykevin1 Reply1
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    같이 언어 교환할 친구 찾아요! ^^

    Hello!   I am looking for Korean language exchange partners who wish to learn and improve their English. I'm a Korean-American born and raised in the USA so I am a native English speaker. My Korean is around an advanced level but I particula...
    Date2018.06.06 CategoryOther languages to Korean Bycase Reply1
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    Want to know more about Korea :)

    Hey :-) My name is Vanessa and I'm from Germany. I would love to get in contact and maybe even become friends with someone from korea because I wanted to know about the culture and how it is to live there and ofc about you too :-)   I also s...
    Date2018.06.04 CategoryOther languages to Korean ByVanyGerm Reply4
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    I am looking for friend who wants learn Korean

    Hello ! I am yong min lee. I live in seoul. Gwang-gin-gu And I am 28 years old(born in 1991) I worked online PR agency for 2 years and I am between the jobs now I usually study by American Tv Drama. Of course I am native speaker of Korean So...
    Date2018.05.22 CategoryKorean to Other languages Byedkz Reply2
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    Looking for a language exchange.

    Hi!, My name is Song.   I am a native Korean, and I would like to learn English. Just for your information, I am based in Sejong, nearby Daejeon, and 35 years well grown man. If you are interested in exchanging language, please send me a Kak...
    Date2018.05.20 CategoryKorean to Other languages Byggueman Reply1
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    Looking for a girl from Seoul to help me with Korean; I can help out with Spanish, English and Romanian

    My levels: Romanian - native English - almost native Spanish - average   Location: Seoul   Choose a quiet cafeteria for the meetups. My Kakao ID is "ripplesucks".   This is me: https://www.facebook.com/laurentiu.andronache
    Date2018.05.19 CategoryOther languages to Korean ByLaur Reply1
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    Looking for spanish friend in incheon and seoul^^

    Hello. Honestly i cant speak spanish as well I want to learn it very much. If i will meet you, let you know that reason. Im a girl so i want to meet a girl. Kakaotalk id 07213790 thanks. Being the partners to teach and learn korean and spani...
    Date2018.05.18 CategoryOther languages to Korean BySUNMI Reply0
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    Hi, Find a friend : ) 친구 해요! : )

    Hello, I'm J Kim.    I'm Korean and ofc I live in Korea.   I want to find a frined to exchange languages. But unfortunately, it's a little burdensome to meet boys.. well, dont get me wrong Im not offended by them but I just wanna hang out wi...
    Date2018.05.17 CategoryKorean to Other languages Byjkim77 Reply2
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