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Hello! I can help your Korean!

by Jenniekim posted Jan 25, 2020


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Hi guys!
I'm Jennie from Korea.
I'm looking for a international friend who can language exchange with me.
I'm people person so it's easy to be friend with me, I'm sure!
I'd stayed in Singapore and Hawaii as studying abroad.
So I can speak English quite well! BUT just speaking haha
Also I can help your Korean too!! I will try do my best to help you. Sooo I just wanna say don't hesitate talk to me :)

It's not a tutoring or kind of a deal with money, just I need a friend who talk with me in Korean and English as a good way.

AND I perfer a friend who live around Bucheon, Siheung, Ansan etc. Coz Seoul is quite far to me..

If you was interested in, Please text me :)

Kakao: khji1013