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Heyyy i'm looking for freinds ( tutors ) to learn english in Incheon or Seoul

by Soohyeon posted Aug 23, 2019


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HI guys, I'm SH PARK living in Incheon city of KOREA

I'm looking for a friend who speaks english well and really has a strong will to learn korean as a language exchange

(I dont care about your nationality, gender, ect  just english speaker Is OK )

Cuz I dont wanna be nervous and have a trauma any more whenever I speak in english, I prefer to meet up with a cup of coffee in the cafe for real practice in Incheon or seoul :)

The languages that I can speak are  korean (native) , french (fluently), and english (soso)



If you're interested, leave the comment , send me a message or let me know ur KKOTALK ID if u have,  I'll respond it


Let's meet together and upgrade our new language

See u xD



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