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안녕하세요 ;) Looking for friends to exchange languages and cultures

by miraliyana posted Jul 27, 2019


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Hello everyone.
I'm 아미라, 29 years old from Malaysia. 
I speak decent English.
I encounter this site when I was browsing how to make friend with KakaoTalk lol
I created the acc but didnt have friends to talk to on the app.
Created the acc because of IU's 3rd Fanclub Recruitment membership XD if anyone who like IU, maybe we can be friends :D

I've been self-learning Korean language since 2009 and I can understand a simple Korean conversation (by reading or listening but not speaking or making sentences).

We can exchange cultures, languages, taste in music, dramas or movies. Do add me at my kakao id: miraliyana | email:


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