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i'm looking for foreigner who will experience my kpop music lesson for free.

by bandi posted May 25, 2019


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Hi. my name is bandi. i'm a musician and a composing tutor in seoul.

i've been teaching music composition for over 8 years.

i'm trying to start airbnb trip, which i will do a kpop beat making lessons with foreigners who is visiting korea. 

so i need to make a video/photos of me doing lessons in my studio But the problem is i only have korean students.^^; 


if you are foreigner who is now visiting seoul, and interested in making music,

i'll do a free music lesson for you ( for 2hours) if you allow me to include you in my short video.(introdusing video for airbnb trip)

feel free to contact me to 010 8949 4107 (send a message first please :) ) 

prefer femal who speaks fluent english ( i'm femal too! )


you can listen some of my work here







also i'm making another airbnb trip with my friend. in the title of 'kpop school'

one friend of mine who is a korean languge teacher in college will teach basic korean. for the 1st class 

and i teach how to make beat, for the 2nd class.

lastely my artist friend will make kpop goods (whatever charactor you want) for 3rd class. 

one hour each for all classes. so total 3 hours of oneday experience about Kpop. 

i think we also need to make introducing video and photo. with group of foriegners. 

so if you are a group of people (min 2~ max 3people) visiting seoul, 

and wants to experience this kpop class for 2~3hours, and okay to include you in our video.

also contact me for this! 

it would be great if you are from english speaking country since we only can speak korean, and english