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Hi there, I'm Daniel Yang. I'm looking for Foreign Friend who want to learn KR.

by DanielYang posted Jul 11, 2018


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Hi there,


I'm Daniel Yang. (22 / M) 


I'm studying at one of UNIVs at seoul, my major is English Interpretation and Translation. 


But as many Korean do, my English skills are not so good except I have exam. 


SO, I wanna improve my english skills focused on speaking & writing.


I can teach you varous way, if you wanna KR grammar or speaking, writing skill, vocaburaly ... , I'll teach whatever you want.


Actually, this is the first experience for me to exchange language. I think maybe it would be awkward when we have first meeting ( or not LOL)


But I dont want like awkward, embarrassed,,, such things. I just want friends. we can get some shots at Itaewon or go to Han river with bunch of beer, anything!


then we can have conversation, which could be your country or my country or your experiences or mine, in KR or sometimes in EN



this is it. if you get interested in those thing, text me. I'll let you know my LINE ID. : atttention_ 


if you dont have line ID, message me through this site. 




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