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Hi, Find a friend : ) 친구 해요! : )

by jkim77 posted May 17, 2018


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Hello, I'm J Kim. 


I'm Korean and ofc I live in Korea.


I want to find a frined to exchange languages.

But unfortunately, it's a little burdensome to meet boys.. well, dont get me wrong Im not offended by them but I just wanna hang out with a girl to be lightly.. :  >>> If you wanna meet, If you're okay to just talk on the phone or whatever, its okay whether you're a boy or not.) 


I live in Gwangju in 전라도 (sorry Idk how to spell 전라도 in eng properly)

and I'd like to meet up if you want.


anyways... feel freely to leave a comment.





p.s / Im looking for a just friend who doesnt live close to me.



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