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by acopia posted Sep 13, 2018


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POSTER wide.jpg : Intern - social media and online content

Asia Hope Camp Organization’s internship program provides high school and university students first hand experience working in an NGO. During the program, interns are expected to develop knowledge and skills in organization, research, partnership, ideas exchange, and leadership.

I) Regular Activities

1. Creation of content for Social Media

In ACOPIA, we let our interns the freedom to design and edit posters, flyers, tubes and videos that will be uploaded on our social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Naver blog). It is a great opportunity for every intern to add in their personal touch and style to ACOPIA's social media and to improve their editing skills!

2. Continuous follow-through of Social Media

Of course, the work isn't done after a new post has been uploaded. Interns will be in charge of replying to direct messages sent through Social Media Sites, but also for setting specific goals for each post and review if the goal has been attained. For this you get experience in customer service and Social Media Management.

3. Support Staff during Work Camps and Kpop Camps

Interns may work as a support staff during Kpop Camp, which is normally held during summer and winter vacations. They will provide assistance, such as administrative and logistical support, to the organizers (Transportation fee will be provided.)

4. Promotion of Acopia programs

Interns will help the manager promoting various ACOPIA programs:

< >K-pop camps and JLNE ProgramPartnerships with organizations from home countryACOPIA House (Share House) and other projects of ACOPIAFor this, you will gain experience in marketing and communications, but also in events planning, project management and time management!


5. Others

Depending on where the inter is from, they may be asked to contribute in the translation and maintenance of our website, and to post job opportunities on local recruiting websites from their country of origin. Join us in our effort to expand internationally and gain experience in international relations!

II) Original Activity

All the interns must find an original and creative activity that they will achieve before the end of their internship. This activity must participate to the development of Acopia and must be something feasible and funny to do for the intern. (for example: organizing events related to your country in Acopia Cafe or create partnership programs between Acopia and your home University)


- High school or university student (undergraduate or graduate); Age 18 - 28
- Skills and experience in video editing, marketing, web design and digital communication. (Experience is not needed but we will ask you to send us examples of 2 flyers/posters and 1 video you made, or a project you have worked on in this field)
- Able to work under minimal supervision
- Has positive working attitude and is able to relate well with people from different cultures
- Ability to speak Korean and/or Japanese are an advantage


To apply, send us your resume and Cover Letter at

Check our website for more information!