1:1 English Tutoring! 영어 과외~

by Kasey posted Sep 03, 2018


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Extra Form

Hello, my name is Kasey!


I am a 27 year old female from New York living in Seoul. I am TESOL certified and have 4 years of experience teaching younger children and adults both in a classroom setting and 1:1 tutoring sessions! I can help with a range of skills, from speaking to writing.


I can tutor on weekdays during the afternoon (Wednesday evenings are okay as well) and anytime on Sundays. I can meet in the Seoul National University area or the Shinchon area near Yonsei University. Typically I charge 35,000, but the price is negotiable depending on the circumstances (amount of preparation/location). 

Contact me at: lalalalalove@hotmail.com if you are interested! Have a nice day y'all!