International Share House Concierge Manager

by 보더리스하우스 posted May 23, 2018


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BLK.jpg : International Share House Concierge Manager

Borderless House.png : International Share House Concierge Manager

Borderless House is a multicultural community share house.

We don't offer just a house to live in with affordable rent, but a globally connected community space for both foreigners and Koreans.

We maintain a well balanced local national and foreign national tenant ratio in each house like half Non-Koreans and half Koreans,

as well as adjusting the ratio of Westerners to Asians to create a balanced community.


Borderless House Seoul is looking for a person with responsibility and hospitality

who can reply to emails mainly in English. Also, viral marketing on our social media, Facebook and Instagram update regularly. 


Part time or full time (Working visa can be sponsored) are both ok. 


Korean or other language ability are preferred but not the essential point for this position.


You can check about our house via the link below.


Our job as Share House Manager are;
●Managing 24 International Share Houses in central Seoul
●Caring tenants for moving in & out
●Promoting new tenants by showing houses & via Social Media
●Serving customers via Email & Calls in Korean and English
●PR & Marketing variously
●Planing of events & programs for tenants


Please contact us at with your resume.


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