Looking for native speakers to translate and interpret.

by 비코스 posted Jan 22, 2018


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Hello, this is b-cause Korea which is the most reliable translation agency and we are looking for native translators and interpreters. 


If you think you are a qualified translator and interpreter, please send your resume and application by email. (info2@b-cause.kr)


◆ Benefits of trans-Pro!
You can get a translation job even if you don't have much translation experience.
You can also glance at a translation job before accepting it or not.
Our site is working 24 hours, 365 days all over the world.
You can accept at your convenience! Part-time also welcome.

◆Cloud Type Translation Sites; What is trans-Pro.?
Direct orders and delivery. So it is fast and with a high-rate fee. Normally, we offer 35% of the sales price. 
Depending on the customer evaluation or in case you got nominated by a customer, your rate will be increased an additional 3 to 10%.
We don't have enough translators from Korean to English, so please hurry and earn a solid reputation.

◆In order to get nominated by customers and high-rate fee!
Uploading photos and frequent access to our site exposes you to higher numbers of translators. 
The translation request notice will be the same for all orders except in a nominated translation case.
Translators who have good reputations or in a nominated translation case get 3-10% higher rate than a general translation.
We keep high quality and support with this system.

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b-cause Korea Inc.,
Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.
do NOT contact us with unsolicited services or offerssub_bg.jpg