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2018.07.22 09:25

대한예수교장로회 Presbyterian Church

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I’ve been looking all over for people’s opinions from all sides. You may be aware that Churches serve religious, business, administrative, and governmental guidance even, more so in the past than present.  People should be interested in the Presbyterian Church’s transition ideas for Koreans coming to America.

Are you aware that King Gojong sanctioned Presbyterianism over other Christian sects in the 1890s? The Parliament of Scotland Established the Church of Scotland. In America, Presbyterian is Established in Dixie’s government or in other times throughout the Free American Religious landscape? Are you aware of President Dwight Eisenhower’s redesignation of the Presbyterian Church in the United States? You can see his inaugural Prayer and other sources, only favoring other minorities in America, compared to the thriving Presbyterian Christians of the Korean Nationality. Are you aware of the Korean Presbyterian Church Abroad from the 1970s? This is just an extension of the Tonghap Korean Presbyterian Church or “renewed teaching” or Reformed Church such as President Lee Myung-Bak. I’m native to America and would love to talk further with anyone interested. Of course language and culture exchange and actual Understanding go absolutely hand in hand together. You notice Eisenhower turned teh Church inward the United Presbyterians of 1958 and the Korean chruch split of 1959 of Hapdong and Tonghap. If Catholics were so divided , it would be impossible, the Pope would fix this. What do you think of the Presbyterians? This new PC(USA) is like a Church with no Rules or guidance that is established in Liberty by President Eisenhower after the Korean War? Its so they don't have to regard Koreans as Presbyterians! Or Presbyterians is a silly person with a hobby! Thanks. Below is previous messages. Confederates wrote "Almighty God" into the US Confederate Constitution, thats the Almighty God of "Stonewall Jackson's Way", Stonewall Jackson is a conservative or "Blue-Light Elder" of Presbyterianism. You can see that, Eisenhower from original Dutch roots, is making a steal of a new church not for the Native people of America, a Crusade for Liberty like Eisenhower said or for Equality. This is a silly American Church, all other presbyterians in the world are breaking relationships with them.



I wrote the PCUSA a week ago complaining on their article concerning their celebration of the 130th anniversary of the US mission to Korea, which is directly commenting on the history of the Tonghap Korean Church and the Korean Presbyterian Church Abroad. Maybe I'm not a good enough writer. It says they transferred it to an associate for constitutional interpretation? Maybe they are trying to send this to you! I'm helping out. Or maybe they're funny guys, a week is too long.


We need Koreans and Scotsmen like Andrew Jackson, or Stonewall Jackson, or Ahn Changho that know how to defend the native land, with the Grand Old Flag of Korea or Scotland. We will switch the Dixie flag for the Korean one but it'll look like North Korea. Presbyterianism is all over this native land, people could visit the Parthenon in Nashville, the Athens of the South, like Edinburgh Scotland was the Athens of the North, with their own Parthenon, to mark the Napoleon War veterans and Democracy from the Parthenon in Greece, like Horace Underwood's "Call of Korea" the Call of Macedon from the Bible, Macedon or Greece, a King and ruler, like Gojong, showing a sign of the Spirit's guidance like in the Bible's "Call of Macedon" , The Call of Korea the true Gateway of Greece the true starter of Western Civilization and not Rome or Romanists, and Korea the gateway of civilization to Asia for the missionaries. We will give all houses in Southern Hospitality to the domesticated Korean Women for a truly happy America, Columbia, the Happy land, of "Hail Columbia" the true gentleman George Washington hails as our Cause. Korean Women have Southern Hospitality, this is a good way to go.President Andrew Jackson defended the Southern land against british Imperialists or American Indians and understood the Articles of Confederation and maybe the PCUSA are the new imperialists against Korea as I say further down. We should get marching with pike and shot or Daewoo K2.


The North found any reason to stop Jefferson Davis's domestication of the bottom rung Africans, who now swear off they weren't in a European based Church, they were and still heathens, let that be, the Mongolian hordes are raiding again on Sa-I-Gu. What was Dixie's call, not a single person said the word slavery, the cause was the Reformation, this is clear everywhere and the world will recognize the birth of a Reformed Country like Korea or the Netherlands. The Bonnie Blue Flag is the Bonnie Blue Scottish flag with a republican star joining all the countries joining the Reformed Christendom against Italy's and southern aggression. The Anglican church Via Media is a compromise not entirely Reformed, which started strong and has become weaker and weaker now, Queen Elizabeth is who to look to, all Reformed countries helped by England and her for their native people and sovereignty, and the papal bull excommunication calls Queen Elizabeth I a Calvinist.



Anyway, this was their article and I think I know Underwood's mission and they are using PCUSA Koreans to sell their new 60 years mission to be cowards after the Korean war and President Eisenhower, away from the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America. Elder Park at Trinity was not clear at all on any difference apparently, PCUSA or the PC in the USA. No one can just erase Netherlands, England Puritans, Scottish Presbyterians, hugenots, Netherland, Hungarian, Swiss, or the British Africans' Reformed Churches, I think its all crazy. Mexico National Presbyterian severed ties to the PCUSA, which is right to do against a radical as a lesson. Its great to visit which I can't do any time soon and Hananim bless, by the Aegukga that Ahn Changho wrote, the melody of Presbyterian missionaries was that of Auld Lang Syne, the Long Time Ago that only the Korean or Scottish can know to share with each other, in their own language, men and women.



Thank you for contacting the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

We are forwarding your question and concerns to our associate for constitutional interpretation.

PC(USA) Customer Service
Presbyterian Mission Agency
100 Witherspoon Street

Louisville, KY 40202-1396
800-872-3283 / 502-569-8099 (fax)



Hello info@pcusa,


I'm just a spectator, so I'm not in on Elders thoughts or their information. I've attended and donated locally. I'm very aware of history. I need to go through some history for my targeted question. We can note the Modernist-Fundamentalist controversy and liberal trends into the 20th century in considering some doctrine differences where we are different from the Korean Church from 1885, if you prefer the title Church of Korea, since the Church of Scotland has such a neat title to it and the Church of Korea is fitting there in an Established Church particularly under President Lee Myung bak.


I'm not an expert here, but it seems like President Eisenhower and the Korean War period could give me some explanation. How did President Eisenhower move the congregation in the Direction of the National Presbyterian Church, the Liberty Crusade in world war 2 and a "Denomination of Liberty" when he joined, and what exactly did the mergers mean in 1958 in the United Presbyterian Church? To my untrained eye, we are distancing ourself from the demands of Christendom or Presbyterianism worldwide. Mexico's severed ties, an extreme measure, tells me radicalism rather than leadership or friendship is PCUSA's appearance.


What I'm very aware of are the written works of the missionaries to Korea such as Horace Allen or particularly Horace Underwood. "The Call of Korea" by Horace Underwood mirrored the Call of Macedonia, the Apostle Paul's gateway into Europe in the Early AD in the Bible and Korea's gateway to Asia, also a characteristic Calvinistic Call to Mission, of divine guidance. At this time, Denominationalism was much stronger and in most of Christian history it was stronger, whereas today, most British Presbyterian churches around the world are going the way of the Uniting Church in Australia or the United Church of Canada.


What Southern Democrats such as Woodrow Wilson, President of Princeton, a particular Presbyterian school of thought, Presbyterianism was a character of the Scottish, a character that Dixie wished to emulate, a character of a native people with a native land, and a native Church under foreign domination,  characteristic of the Reformed Churches since Switzerland's Reform. This is all well documented. Everything Roman and Popish were completely false. Presbyterians were slow to adopt Christmas at this time a Popish invention, most would find out upon further examination. Reverend Underwood referred to the previous Catholic mission in Korea as Romanist, a derogatory word fitting the 1880s. To appear on request after the persecution of Catholics in Korea shows his regard to Catholics as ecumenically unrelated. A very powerful and rich conglomerate of men and resources went at this project from Rockefeller Standard Oil officials, Underwood himself was a typewriting tycoon the 'millionaire missionary', and Korea's need for defense of its native sod was already clear at this point against Japanese aggression and imperialists. Point in fact modelled in every way with Thomas Stonewall Jackson, and the song "Stonewall Jackson's Way"https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_wLLcJe3co. I think many of Underwood's Bible quotations were defenses of slavery, Galatians 3 28 in fact is explaining the suitability of all states of being. Koreans used to have slavery, but what was patriotically necessary was a God of their homeland, named Hananim, relevant today in Korea.  I Particularly and originally need to know myself, as any responsible sober person to have lived in the South my entire life, the useful patriotic values that were throughout the country, such as the Virginian Gentleman George Washington, and a time of nearly bimodal Anglican and Presbyterian schools of theological thought, shouldn't the PCUSA be allowing me to see and understand a good responsibility to local state,orderly government, and Korean Americans who overwhelmingly association Presbyterian rather than further obfuscation? The traditional segregationist races of Britain, of proud Scottish, English, Welsh or Irish alliance,  or of Auld Lang Syne, or that used to be practiced by the Church, were not mired Dixiecrat talking points.


Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group Stonewall Jackson's Way · Tennessee Ernie Ford Sings Civil War Songs Of The South ℗ Originally released 1961 by ...




I would bet, in the Korean Presbyterian Church Abroad, it is a touchy subject about how the PCUSA is framing Koreans who are in the PCUSA congregation. I think the fact that I have seen Moderators and officials of the PCUSA preaching Korean congregation integration is heavy-handed. What Horace Underwood named as his First and Only mission objective, the separate Korean church, Korean in every way. The Presbyterians were not the first in Korea but Underwood was noting himself, their characteristic, to not be throwing up foreign architecture, catholic cathedrals or Methodist brick, but organized the Korean Construction by their own guidance. The Korean congregation at the PCUSA church should continue to be allowed a separate meeting if not their own facility by the PCUSA if we celebrate this mission.


Here is an article from PCUSA that is baffling me.

Kim added, “The first Presbyterian missionaries to Korea were totally dedicated to the gospel of Jesus Christ and practiced evangelism, worked on church development, founded schools and hospitals and worked for women, children and those who were oppressed and marginalized by the injustices of poverty, classism and sexism.” https://www.pcusa.org/news/2015/7/24/pcusa-celebrates-130-years-korean-mission/


My first question is what of the Original mission does the PCUSA congregation celebrate? We have a history of Gentleman in the Church, which was the concern of Underwood, that the women be allowed out of extreme confined married status, confined women's quarters, to enjoyment outside a husband's tool of labor, or some education, but what would be PCUSA's meaning of "sexism" in this day and age? Its entirely to say any different treatment of females whatsoever, to derelict much American tradition, which is not the case of this mission, where we represented ourselves Ambassadors of America and the friendship, equal alliance, and protector not trampling through Asia, such as the imperial Europeans, at this point, before the US acquisition of the Phillipines or Theodore Roosevelt's valuation of the Phillipines over the Native Sovereignty of the Korean people! Syncretism is not the issue, but the old Confucianism can adopt much of these lessons, but not what many modern moderators taught such as Cynthia Bolbach.  So I'm curious as to what I'll get as a reply and if we can talk further.


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